High Quality UNIQUE Leads

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The Aeration Funnel is designed to provide you with qualified leads. Period. We have a no bullshit approach to our lead generation platform. You need new leads to expand your MLM network and our system provides you those leads! 

Our leads have been prequalified and are highly interested in joining your network! Our systems sort and optimize the traffic to ensure that you receive unique and high quality visitors that are specifically interested in your offer. Not only do you get unique visitors to your offer, but you are also getting fresh traffic that is not hammered with Make Money Online offers all day long.

In other words... your leads are not shared with 1,000 other marketers... and you get traffic that is interested in your offer and your offer alone -- making them high quality leads that can more easily be converting into sales.

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The Aeration Funnel allows you to multiply your network effectively, efficiently, & affordably!

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Ryan Wilson

"It's simple. You pay and leads come in. We're seeing roughly 40% opt-in rates!"

Lou Webber

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Why Choose The Aeration Funnel?

A typical funnel looks like this. Leads stumble upon a landing page that you hope is good enough to peak the reader's interest. If it does, you present to them a page with every option available to them. They choose one, opt-in and a sale is completed.

The Aeration Funnel is very different in two very important ways. Number one, remove option overload and present them individually. Number two, send reminders to remarket to those who leave funnel.

By placing the opt-in BEFORE the offers, you ensure that you have access to the lead's email and phone number to be able to reach them in case they should leave the funnel and/or never sign up.

When it is time to present the offer, you drip the offers individually. Present the best offer, if that is more than they were looking to commit to today, present the next best offer whenever an exit action is engaged. 

This same step is refreshed until your final offer, which should be your most affordable. This is an offer they simply cannot refuse. Bringing them in at this lower plan allows you to bring them into the system and be able to upsell them at a later date.

If they never sign up, they will be placed into an email remarketing campaign designed to place them back into the funnel and entice them to join.